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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Mistakes

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Mad rush in the markets especially gifts shops, young and old people biting their teeth wondering what would be an ideal gift for their loved ones is a common sight in the month of February. For in the middle of the month comes the great Valentine’s Day occasion that is perhaps celebrated by all lovebirds across the globe. 

Valentines Day is the day of love and affection. It is a day devoted to all those who are delighting in a blissful romantic relationship as well to those who either desire to inaugurate or stand on the verge to commence one such liaison. 

However, in both cases, the manner to express your feelings holds primary significance. The choice of the gift should be such that it speaks your loving and caring heart. Many times huge and expensive gifts are not able to do that while economical things such as flowers readily solve the purpose. So it is better to be careful, avoid some of the common gift mistakes, and make a prudent choice of gift. For example

  • People on the occasion of Valentine’s Day largely prefer Greeting Cards or E-cards. It is because they feel that writing down their feelings is the best mode to express them. Consequently, the prices of Valentine’s Day cards touch the sky. 

Cards definitely make a good Valentine’s Day gift but not as good as gifting a bouquet of beautiful flowers. For a card once read is of no further use. It then finds its place inside the drawer or in between the pages of a book. Whereas flowers that embellish and fill your room with fragrance are kept in front of your eyes till they dry out.  Moreover, flowers do not require to be hidden from parents like cards that bear the name and feelings of the concerned person.

  • Gifting pricey mementos or souvenirs on Valentine’s Day is also not a wise choice.  Firstly because of the expense you incur. Secondly, the trouble you face and the time that is wasted in wandering from one gift shop to another. 

Gifting flowers save both your precious time and money because flowers can be easily chosen for any occasion (For instance red roses have always been emblems of love) and are not very expensive. Flowers can be conveniently sent to the desired destination through Internet too. 

  • Most often guys and gals gift weight-reducing books to their beloveds. This is certainly not a judicious Valentine’s Day gift. Because it makes the other person feel conscious of his/her looks and of that fact that you desire to see changes in him/her. It presents your love in a ‘looks’ oriented manner.

So rather than hurting or annoying your loved ones on this day, it is better to gift them flowers that can be kept as a token of your love for long. All the changes that you want in your partner (weight loss etc.) can be taught later but on the very day of love and affection.   

  • Gifting ugly-looking clothes is quite a popular Valentine’s Day gift. Since the gifts for this occasion are mostly taken clandestinely, the clothes so purchased hardly fit the concerned person. It thus turns out to be a gift that is good for nothing. 
  • Soft toys such as teddy bears; Barbie dolls etc. are also useless gifts for Valentine’s Day. Because the craze for these costly things lasts only for a few days or even 24 hours! Ultimately these bears and dolls are placed amongst their other companions. 

While flowers have their own warmth and affection. The tender buds and petals best display your loving heart that is brimming with love like the nectar in the flowers.


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